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List of Famous Taishanese

List of Famous People From the Taishanese Speaking Region of WuYi [五邑]


<<< Historical Figures >>>

黎民偉 ● Lai Man-Wai [新會, 廣東] - Father of Hong Kong Cinema

馮如 ● Feng Ru [恩平, 廣東] - Father of Chinese Aviation

梁思成 ● Liang Sicheng [新會, 廣東] - Father of Modern Chinese Architecture

胡蝶 ● Hu Die [鹤山, 廣東] - Empress of Chinese Cinema. She played the leading role in China's first sound film, the Songstress Red Peony.

梁舜燕 ● Lily Leung [新會, 廣東] - Hong Kong's First TV Actress. She acted in the first ever TV drama series produced in Hong Kong.


<<< Entrepreneurs >>>

李錦裳 ● Lee Kum Sheung [新會, 廣東] - Founder of Lee Kum Kee(李錦記).

李國寶 ● Sir David Li [鹤山, 廣東] - Chairman and Chief Executive of the Bank of East Asia; the bank was founded by his great uncle & his grandfather and was the first Chinese-owned bank in HK. He is also a Hong Kong Politician.

甄爵恩 ● Jack Yan [台山, 廣東] - is a publisher, designer and businessman. He started his own company in 1987 while a teenager and grew it, initially, into the region's leading font software firm and is the first New Zealander to design digital typefaces. In 1997, he founded Lucire, a fashion magazine that made the move from web to print,[6] and serves as its publisher.

利希慎 ● Lee Hysan [新會, 廣東] - was a renowned land developer and entrepreneur in Hong Kong. The company he founded became the modern-day Hysan Development Company Limited which is now currently run by his descendants. The Company's assets are predominantly based in HK's Causeway Bay and is the largest commercial landlord there.

陳啟宗 ● Ronnie Chan [台山, 廣東] - one of the top 10 HK Billionaire; he is the chairman of Hang Lung Group and Hang Lung Properties, one of the largest real estate developer in Hong Kong.

陳樂宗 ● Gerald Chan [台山, 廣東] - is the owner of Morningside Group and holds a doctor of science degree from Harvard University.

呂志和 ● Lui Che Woo [新會, 廣東] - owner of Galaxy Entertainment which is a investment holding company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that owns and operates hotels and casinos in Macau and conducts manufacturing, sale and distribution of construction materials in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China.

馮國經 ● Dr. Victor Fung [鹤山, 廣東] - is the Group Chairman of Li & Fung group of companies

馮國綸 ● William Fung [鹤山, 廣東] - is the group managing director of Li & Fung Group and an independent non-executive director of CLP Holdings Limited, VTech Holdings Limited and Shui On Land Limited.

陳振聰 ● Tony Chan [新會, 廣東] - founder of RCG Holdings Limited.


<<< Politicians >>>

李國能 ● Andrew Li [鹤山, 廣東] - Chief Justice of the Court of Final Appeal of Hong Kong from 1997 to 2010.

董趙洪娉 ● Betty H P Tung [新會, 廣東] - Hong Kong’s First Lady when her husband Tung Chee Wah sworn in as the first Chief Executive of Hong Kong SAR on July 1, 1997.

駱家輝 ● Gary Locke [台山, 廣東] - is the first Chinese American & Asian American to serve as governor of a state in United States history. He is currently President Obama's Secretary of Commerce.

伍冰枝 ● Adrienne Clarkson [台山, 廣東] - former Canadian Journalist and former Governor General of Canada; she is the first visible minority to be appointed governor general, as well as the second female (after Jeanne Sauvé), the first Chinese Canadian, and the first without a military or political background.

Evan Low [台山, 廣東] - is the mayor of Campbell, California. He is the youngest Chinese & Asian American mayors in the United States.

趙美心 ● Dr. Judy Chu [新會, 廣東] - a U.S. Congress member, representing California's 32nd congressional district; first Chinese American woman ever elected to the U.S. Congress.

余胤良 ● Leland Yee [台山, 廣東] - is a California State Senator in District 8 which includes the western half of San Francisco and most of San Mateo County. A former California State Assemblyman and in 2004 Yee became the first Asian American to be appointed Speaker pro Tempore, making him the second highest ranking Democrat of the California State Assembly.

陳倩雯 ● Margaret Chin[台山, 廣東] - is a New York City-based American politician. A Democrat, she was elected to the New York City Council on November 3, 2009, to represent District 1 in Lower Manhattan.

林佐民 ● Norman Kwong [台山, 廣東] - Lieutenant-Governor of Alberta & professional football player, president & manager of the Calgary Stampeders.

曾俊華 ● John Tsang [台山, 廣東] - Financial Secretary of Hong Kong.

譚伯源 ● Francis Tam [台山, 廣東] - is the Macao Secretary of Economy and Finance.

陳仲民 ● Sir Julius Chan [台山, 廣東] - Former Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea

司徒華 ● Szeto Wah [開平, 廣東] - is currently the chairman of The Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China and was a member of the Legislative Council.

張文光 ● Cheung Man Kwong [台山, 廣東] - is a member of Hong Kong Legislative Council, a member of Hong Kong Democratic Party, and the chairman of Hong Kong Professional Teachers' Union.


<<< Hong Kong Actors/Actresses & Singers >>> _________________________________________

劉德華 ● Andy Lau [新會, 廣東] - well known Hong Kong singer & actor. He also was known as one of the Four Kings of CantoPop.

梁朝偉 ● Tony Leung Chiu Wai [台山, 廣東] - is a Cannes Film Festival and five-time Hong Kong Film Award-winning Chinese film and television actor. In addition, he has been a major film star since the 1990s.

曾志偉 ● Eric Tsang [新會, 廣東] - is a prolific actor, film director, film producer and television host best known for hosting the Super Trio series on TVB over the course of 10 years.

陳百強 ● Danny Chan [台山, 廣東] - a very well known Hong Kong song writer, singer and actor.

Beyond [台山, 廣東] - most famous HK rock band

胡杏兒 ● Myolie Wu [台山, 廣東] - well known Hong Kong singer & actor

胡琳 ● Bianca Wu [台山, 廣東] - a Hong Kong singer.

關智斌 ● Kenny Kwan [開平, 廣東] - well known Hong Kong singer & actor. Was a member of Boy'z and later decided to go solo.

鍾欣桐 ● Gillian Chung [新會, 廣東] - well known Hong Kong singer & actress. Is a member of Twins.

容祖兒 ● Joey Yung [新會, 廣東] - a well known Hong Kong singer.

甄子丹 ● Donnie Yen [台山, 廣東] - is a Hong Kong Chinese martial artist and actor, film director, fight choreographer, and producer.

李克勤 ● Hacken Lee [新會, 廣東] - famous singer & actor.

譚詠麟 ● Alan Tam [新會, 廣東] - Famous HK singer & actor; During the early 1980s, he played a major role in developing the cantopop scene as he was famous for singing romantic ballads with modern arrangements.

鄭少秋 ● Adam Cheng [台山, 廣東] - is a popular TVB actor and singer in Hong Kong

鄭欣宜 ● Joyce Cheng [台山, 廣東] - Daughter of Adam Cheng and Lydia Shum (肥肥) and is a Hong Kong musician, writer, actor and performer

鄭伊健 ● Ekin Cheng [恩平, 廣東] - is a Hong Kong actor and Cantopop singer

麥嘉 ● Karl Maka [台山, 廣東] - is a popular Hong Kong producer, director, actor and presenter.

少爺占 ● Jim [台山, 廣東]- a Hong Kong show host

王喜 ● Wong Hei [台山, 廣東] - a Hong Kong actor and model

鍾鎮濤 ● Kenny Bee [新會, 廣東] - Famous HK musician & actor

陳寶珠 ● Connie Chan/陳寶珠 [新會, 廣東] - she was one of HK Cinema's most beloved teen idols

葉子楣 ● Amy Yip [新會, 廣東] - famous HK actress, one of the leading sex symbols of Hong Kong cinema


<<< N. American Actors/Actresses & Singers >>> _________________________________________

黃宗霑 ● James Wong Howe [台山, 廣東] - considered one of the greatest American cinematographers

黃柳霜 ● Anna May Wong [台山, 廣東] - the first Chinese American movie star & first Asian American to become an international star.

吳漢章 ● James Hong [台山, 廣東] - is an American actor and former president of the Association of Asian/Pacific American Artists (AAPAA).

Kim Chan [台山, 廣東] - a Chinese-American actor and producer.

甄文達 ● Martin Yan [開平/台山, 廣東] - is a Chinese-born American chef & actor and the host of the award-winning US national cooking show Yan Can Cook.


<<< Athletes >>>

易建聯 ● Yi Jianlian/易建聯 [鹤山, 廣東] - NBA basketball player for the New Jersey Nets. He use to play for the Milwaukee Bucks.


  1. interesting ... Good food for thoughts ...

  2. You should add an Australian from Enping called Ken Fung who is the Assistant Grandmaster of the Australia Chinese Masonic Society (close direct ties with the Zhi Gong Party (Party for Public Interest)) who hold a significant position in the Chinese community of Australia influencing many Sydney polititians. He is frequently invited to the PRC Central Government in Beijing and has personally met the current vice president.

  3. Enping is not in Taishan but, generally, people in Szeyup (four districts) are lumped together with the Taishanese. Including Jiangmen too.